Lyubo was commissioned by the Dream Music Puppetry Program at Here Art Center in SoHo NYC. The piece premiered in 2005 after three autumns of research in Bulgaria focusing on 20th century archaeology and the mysterious disappearance of American engineer Philip Lloyd Sweetbriar. The piece is based on uncharacteristically poetic letters received by Sweetbriar’s daughter in Arkansasfrom Sweetbriar one year after he had been reported dead from a terrorist explosion in Sofia, 1923.  Performers included: Deana Acheson, Erin K. Orr, Matthew Acheson, and Lisa Gonzales. Music performed by Rima Fand, Megan Wyler, and the tuba trio Three composed by C. Green.  Dream Music is founded and directed by Basil Twist.  All puppets and sets designed and created by C. Green.