This Is Hunger


A multi-media installation integrated into in an expanding 53' trailer to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of hunger and food insecurity in America.

After the truck arrives at a site, the double expandable trailer opens to offer 1,000 square feet of interior space.  Visitors in groups of 30 enter the trailer for a two-part journey: 

Part One: Illuminate—Upon entering the trailer, visitors see a long communal table with place settings made of circular projected light.  Once visitors are seated (up to 30), a 15 minute multi-media presentation begins. Using 5-channel video projection and surround audio, the media presentation introduces visitors to a diverse cross-section of people dealing with food insecurity from across the country.  These folks share their stories in their own words, unmitigated by a narrator or talking head experts, but supported by current statistics.  The side walls that were white upon entry now transform, one portrait at a time, to reveal dozens more subjects and a chorus of voices. 

Part Two: Advocate—At the conclusion of Part One: Illuminate, visitors are invited to stay at the table and read more in depth treatments of the stories they just heard, play engaging games to test their skills at managing a meager budget in today's America, leave the table to read the walls, sign petitions, or take a playful selfie in front of the Capitol building with messages of advocacy.  The goal, as expressed by MAZON, is to

"Deepen their awareness about the complexities of being hungry and invite them to join MAZON in educating the rest of our nation and advocating for change."


Client:  MAZON A Jewish Response to Hunger, led by Michelle Stuffman, Dir. of Outreach and Communications

Multi-Media Development / Production Design: Chris Green

Principal Design: Gail Greenberg

Photograper / Documentarian:  Barbara Grover

Creative Director:  Marni Gittleman

Sound Design:  Tom Paul

Editor: Ali Muney

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