The work of Chris Green Kinetics is humbly indebted to an ever-growing team of talents including quilters, architects, filmmakers, animators, wood-carvers, choreographers, composers, museum educators, puppeteers, writers, cultural provocateurs…people who make me think, get things done, and stay inspired. 

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Erin Wilson is a Brooklyn-based quilter and dancer. 

Eric Novak is Brooklyn-based master-builder and puppet designer.

Alan Maskin is a principal at Olson Kundig Architects, Seattle.

Marni Gittleman is a Los Angeles-based exhibit developer and experiential educator. 

Gabriel Hernandez is a principal at HOK Architects, NYC.

Howard Smith/Mindrix is a Los Angeles-based fabricator and manufacturer.

Erin Orr is a Brooklyn-based visual storyteller and gourmand. 

Lisa Gonzales is a Chicago and NYC-based dancer and choreographer. 

David Neumann is a NYC-based dancer and choreographer. 

Matthew Acheson is a Brooklyn-based director and puppet builder.

Rajeev Sethi/Asian Heritage Foundation is a Delhi-based designer and exhibit developer. 

David Soll is a Brooklyn-based independent filmmaker and editor.

Frameworks Collective (Delhi) is composed of filmmakers Ruchika Negi and Amit Mahanti.

Stefan Prakash Eicher (Delhi) is a painter and activist.

Lake Simons is Brooklyn-based theater director and puppet builder. 

Rima Fand is a Brooklyn-based composer and musician. 


Kerthy Fix is a Brooklyn and Austin-based film & television producer and performance artist. 

Dan Hurlin is a NYC-based visual artist and director.

Paul Kloss is a Brooklyn-based photographer and filmmaker. 

Vardon Owen Marshall (Brooklyn) is a carpenter and home builder. 

Sxip Shirey (London/New York) is a composer and musician. 

Karolina Sobecka/Gravity Trap is a Brooklyn-based animator and experimental media technician.

Yasmin Reshamwala is a Brooklyn-based art director and prop stylist. 

Graham Reynolds (Austin) is a composer and band leader.