A retelling of the Japanese Noh classic, Hagoromo uses dance, chamber opera, and puppetry to tell the story of an angel's magical feathered robe which falls to earth only to be discovered by a poor fisherman who sees it as his ticket to fortune.  The angel and fisherman, played by dance legends and former NYC Ballet principals Wendy Whelan and Jock Soto, are the epitome of their divergent worlds:  one heavenly, the other grounded. Their pas de deux ends when the fisherman returns the robe and, in exchange for his surrender, the angel gives the world her eternal dance- the dance that turns the moon. 

Premiere:  BAM Next Wave, 2015.

International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Puppetry:  Chris Green

Director: David Michalek

Choreography:  David Neumann

Costumes:  Dries Van Noten

Lighting:  Clifton Taylor

Music:  Nathan Davis

Libretto:  Brendan Pelsue