American Weather

‘American Weather’ (in-progress) is an original work of material theater using ready-mades, live-projection, figurative puppets, and original songs to visualize ‘the American condition’ as a fugue of surrealist micro-plays.  This piece is being developed in ensemble to be performed over the course of two years in theatrical as well as non-theatrical spaces as a series of 5 to 25 minute episodes with partial endings before being combined into one evening-length performance in 2017.

'American Weather' will continue to be developed through interactions with the public, often using conversations starting with what used to be the most innocuous topic possible:  the weather - a topic which, in and of itself, is increasingly fraught with messy interpretations. Ultimately, 'American Weather' is about the power of quiet pedestrian feelings in the shadow of a fracturing empire.

Ensemble includes: Yoko Myoi, Kirsten Kammermeyer, Erin Orr, Quince Marcum, Chris Green, and Yasmin Reshamwala.

This project is being supported by grants from the Jim Henson Foundation and the Here Artist Residency Program (HARP).