Co. Venture is a collaboration between Papper Fajans (31) and David Vaughan (92) whose friendship was fostered during their time with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (Vaughan has been Cunningham's archivist for over 50 years and Fajans was Cunningham's personal assistant during the final years of his life).  Co-Venture uses dance, material theater, and naturalistic reminiscence to reflect on the endurance of an unlikely friendship, the power of movement, and the legacy of Merce.  

New York premiere at Baryshnikov Arts Center, 2016.

Directed by Chris Green

Created by Pepper Fajans and David Vaughan

Scenography: Maiko Kikuchi

Sound design: Joey Wolfslau

Lighting: Davison Scandrett

Choreography: Pepper Fajans and Holley Farmer

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